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Maltay Da Wapari | Akram Nizami | TP Comedy

  • Maltay Da Wapari | Akram Nizami | TP Comedy
    Nizamarn Wapari is Akram Nizami’s latest Saraiki drama. We all just can’t get enough of Akram Nizami so he has found another way to keep us laughing. The hit Saraiki comedy clip this time narrates our favorite star Akram Nizami again as a deceiving swindler this time disguised as a clever Maltay/Orange Trader, maintaining the farm. Akram Nizami meanwhile manages to sell the farm cattle to another trader pretending to be the owner himself while the real owner is wholly unaware. On seeing the cattle gradually decreasing, the owner asks Akram Nizami about what’s going on , Akram Nizami makes an absurd excuse of a creature flying at night and taking cattle animals with it. The plot finally comes to light once he gets caught by the real farmer in a full blown manner of comedy and humor . A video you definitely don’t want to be missing, exclusively on TP comedy.
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