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Rakshay Doon Sawari Hik | Akram Nizami | TP Comedy

  • Rakshay Doon Sawari Hik | Akram Nizami | TP Comedy
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    Akram Nizami new Saraiki drama 2019 “Rakshay Doon Sawari Hik” exclusively on TP comedy. The Latest Saraiki comedy clip features our favorite Akram Nizami with his fellow Ricksaw driver.
    While stressed due to daily hustles, the two riders are squabbling about who would get the first ride. After a long conversation full of laughter and fun, they see a person approaching and they just run off to him, fighting form him and tossing and pulling him like a ball or something. The clothes of the person are torn off and in the end it they figure that he was not willing to take a rickshaw but he is was just passing by to a particular location. After knowing what just happened, they let go of the half- naked man and he tumbles away.

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