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Haye Asghar Piyasa Asghar, Mehndi Waley Hath, Wich Sham Turri Di | Zakir Atta Hussain Rangar

  • Haye Asghar Piyasa Asghar, Mehndi Waley Hath Chumkey, Wich Sham Turri Di Haider Di | Zakir Atta Hussain Rangar (Muhajir)
    Famous Noha Khuwan (Zakir Atta Hussain Rangar (Muhajir) ) New Noha Video “track name” is the new Noha of Muharram 2019. (Zakir Atta Hussain Rangar (Muhajir)) Nohay Kalam have previously been among the most talked about. On such a tragic occasion that is Waqia Karbala, (Zakir Atta Hussain Rangar (Muhajir) ) Manqabat and Qasida are also one of the most emotional does for the army of Mola Hussain for he has produced the most touching and sensitive Nohay of Karbala  that one would surely feel as if living in the glorious era of Imam Hussain and Sher e Khuda Mola Ali. This new and exclusive only on this Official YouTube channel Tp Moharram
    Labaik Ya Hussain!
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