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Farhan Ali Waris || Ammi Baba Em Kujaast || Noha 2018 || TP Moharram

  • Farhan Ali Waris || Ammi Baba Em Kujaast || Noha 2018 || TP Moharram
    The #Muslims are present all over the globe and they hold deep love for the religious beliefs and likes listening to #Nohay. The Nohay #Khuwan like #Farhan Ali Waris is appreciated and adored for the valuable contribution that has been made by him. The magnificent, touching voice of Farhan Ali Waris leads the listener to a beautiful spiritual zone. Moreover, his presence and active engagement on multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion etc encourage people specially the youngsters to listen to more devotional and #religious content. In a short span of time he has been able to captivate huge audience and fan club. Whereas, the popularity and spread of his heart-warming voice is increasing rapidly.
    The latest #Noha “#Ammi Baba Em Kujaast” recited by #Farhanaliwaris has once again reached a different height. With the upcoming month of Moharram, this Noha will elevate your mood and should pleasantly embrace your souls by listening to Noha’s on regular basis, this will not only rejuvenate our devotion towards the religion but will also sooth and our mind as well. #AmmiEmKujaast is exclusively available on #TPMoharram.
    T.P. has well equipped ,in-house ,quality voice recording Studio, Production house for shooting dramas, Telefilms, songs and live shows and an ultra modern , sound proof facility for indoor live audio and video shootings. With its excellent infrastructure, state of the art equipment, dedicated team of experts, countrywide distribution network, and participation of most popular artists, performance of TP remains outstanding in its area of business.

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