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Bokrhi Tola | Akram Nizami | TP Comedy

  • Bokrhi Tola | Akram Nizami | TP Comedy
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    Time to make you laugh out loud again with Akram Nizami’s new Saraiki comedy drama ”Bokrhi Tola” . The latest Saraiki drama this time features al your favorite characters including the most adored Akram Nizami in the role of a group of fast friends, each boasting his hospitality and proclaiming it to be the best then the rest. Akram Nizami thinks with a foxy mind of again making the best of such situation and asking his friend to invite him for a delicious meal and finding out for himself how his hospitality really is. He does his best while Akram tells his friends later that his inviting was only normal and not as extravagant as he said earlier. When Akram Nizami ‘s turn comes, he again makes sure to outwit his friend by fooling whim when he visit him. The whole video is filled with no stop laughing moments and would definitely be wanting to keep sitting and keep watching more.
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