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Maama Nee Bach Da | Akram Nizami | TP Comedy

  • Maama Nee Bach Da | Akram Nizami | TP Comedy
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    This new year 2020, a whole new Saraiki comedy video by TP Comedy featuring our favorite Akram Nizami and his gang. The video name is Maama Nee Bach Da and narrates the chaos and the exenterating care that revolves around a man who pretend to be ill and has to face the brunt of it. Akram Nizami and the gang appears as his nephews and get over dramatic over their uncle’s crumbling health. They ensure their uncle drinks every bit of the flagrant smelling and fowl tasting medics and weird juices and syrups. A point comes that when the old man notices there’s no one around him as everyone has left for eating, me gathers up his nerves and runs away from the house before they could further meteorite his health while in the feeling of healing it. The whole funny clip is entirely comical and also gives us hope that the new year videos would be a super humorous rollercoaster ride with lots of fun and entertainment. Subscribe to our channel now and stay tuned for more funny Saraiki drama videos and new pranks 2020.
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