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Nizamanr Anguti Aala | Akram Nizami | TP Comedy

  • Nizamanr Anguti Aala | Akram Nizami | TP Comedy
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    Famous Saraiki Comedy star Akram Nizami is not giving up yet with his infamous con men tricks, in his new Saraiki comedy drama Nizamanr Anguti Aala, Mr. Nizami is up to no good again and is all set and ready to give us another full blow of laughter and full Masti Dhamaal . the next level comical story takes place with Akram Nizami being the malicious ring seller , offering rings which could be destiny changing for the unlucky ones. He is not alone, his staunch friend does the business with him by acting as a customer who once patronized with Akram Nizami and got lucky. In the end the truth is revealed and the people come back for a full beating of Akram Nizami and his friend. The whole video is super clownish and our favorite star looks so much funny in his wig. Check out the best of Saraiki comedy, only on Tp comedy official YouTube.
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